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Themed Technical Symposium on Hydrogen Energy, Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen-Based EconomyRelease time: 2020-10-26

On October 26, 2020, themed Technical Symposium on Hydrogen  Energy, Hydrogen Gas and Hydrogen-Based Economy: Symposium on  the Production, Storage and Transportation of Hydrogen Energy and the  Current Status and Future Prospects of the Application of Hydrogen Fuel  Cells was held in Beijing. Prof. Wang Cheng from Tsinghua University  and Liang Chen from the National New Energy Innovation Center made  specials reports on hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen energy storage  respectively. Associate Research Fellow Zhou Sheng from the Institute of  Energy, Environment and Economics of Tsinghua University, Prof. Chen  Sha from the College of Environmental and Energy Engineering of Peking  University, Associate Prof. Duan Hongbo from the University of Chinese  Academy of Sciences joined the discussion and gave suggestions on the  research project.


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