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CIDEG Held the 27th Joint Meeting of Academic Committee and Board of DirectorsRelease time: 2020-11-21

November 21, 2020, the 27th CIDEG Joint Meeting of Academic Committee and Board  of Directors was held in Beijing. The meeting was a full-day session joined by CIDEG  Board directors and Academic Committee members in-person and via online video  link. Academic Committee members and Board directors at the meeting were Hatta  Tatsuo, Barry Naughton, Tokuchi Tatsuhito, Dong Changzheng, Gao Shiji, Hu Angang,  Jiang Xiaojuan, Ji Weidong, Qin Xiao, Tatsuro Ueda, Seiya Nakao, Xiao Meng, Hoshi  Takeo, Xue Lan, Zhu Ling, Zha Daojiong, as well as CIDEG Distinguished Research  Fellow Tsugami Toshiya, representative from Toyota Corporation, CIDEG Director Chen  Ling, CIDEG Assistant Director Zhao Jing, etc. As invited participants, Director Ma Jun  and Deputy Director Lv Lei, Tsinghua-Toyota Joint Research Institute also joined the  meeting. The main items on the meeting agenda included the reviewing and discussion  on Administrative Measures for CIDEG Adjunct Research Fellows (Draft), changes to  the Board of Directors, Development and Adaptive Regulation for Emerging Industries,  CIDEG 2020 Summary Work Report and 2021 Work Plan, CIDEG Translation Series,  as well as CIDEG fnancial statement and budget report, etc.


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