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The research report

Round Table Dialogue on Community Environment: Theory and Practice

This project is the CIDEG emergency project, and the research content is the design of roundtable dialogue mechanism, the practice of roundtable dialogue, the analysis of typical cases of roundtable dialogue and the questionnaire survey of effect evaluation.

The research in this paper

This report summarizes the environment roundtable dialogue systematically study and exploration practice in our country, this paper introduces the background of China stakeholders roundtable dialogue, organization and operation mode design, local application status, and case studies, this paper introduces the developing the community environment roundtable dialogue on social survey results, and the stakeholders roundtable dialogue social governance in our country, especially the application of environmental social governance of our country environmental, social, political, rule of law, culture and other aspects of the influence are discussed.

Project director is introduced


Working papers

Policy Suggestions

Social influence

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