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The research report

Legality and Accountability

This project is a major project of CIDEG, and the research content is a summary of anti-corruption facts since the 18th CPC national congress, judicial review system, decision-making risk, accountability and legal communication, design and judicature of the French constitutional council, quantitative evaluation of the constitutional consciousness of leading cadres, and structural governance and model of commercial anti-corruption.

The research in this paper

Based on the current corruption situation in China and the anti-corruption system and measures since the 18th national congress of the communist party of China, the project analyzes the existing structural corruption characteristics in China and discusses the measures and Suggestions to curb corruption from the perspective of the rule of law. The research points out that only when the legal guarantee is sufficient and the legal spirit is effectively exerted in the political process can the goal of building a clean politics be gradually realized.

Project director is introduced

Working papers

Policy Suggestions

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