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CIDEG Research Communication No.9 Urbanization in the "New Normal Author:李强:中国“就近城镇化”和“就地城镇化”模式研究 Press: Publication time:

The major research project on "urbanization in proximity" and "urbanization in place" modes, chaired by Dean Li Qiang of the Academy of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University, takes the urbanization modes of a number of counties and cities as an example, and based on a large amount of literature and case studies, comprehensively considers the promotion of urbanization, including Based on a large number of literature and case studies, it comprehensively considers the main body, core elements and spatial levels of urbanization. The study takes into account China''s geographic, economic and humanistic divisions, proposes a comprehensive theoretical analysis framework through questionnaires, interviews and other social survey methods, and validates and improves it through empirical research, so as to propose countermeasures to guide the urbanization of nearby and local areas. The study concludes that the core issue in promoting nearby and local urbanization lies in the construction of a whole set of theories, policies and systems, such as management systems, support policies and operation modes. Based on the perspective of urban-rural integration, the study proposes that "nearby urbanization" and "local urbanization" are important breakthroughs in solving China''s current urbanization dilemma.

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