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CIDEG Research Communication

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.19 Reduce pollution and carbon emissionsCIDEG Research Communication No.19 was published in December 2023, and the theme of this issue is "Reducing Pollution and Carbon".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.18 Digital economy and innovationCIDEG Research Communication No.18 was published in November 2023, with the theme of "Digital Economy and Innovation".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.17 Industrial Development and Industrial PolicyCIDEG Research Communication No.17 was published in October 2023, and the theme of this issue is "Industrial Development and Industrial Policy".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.16 Carbon neutral CIDEG Research Communication No.16 was published in July 2021, and the theme of this issue is "Carbon Neutrality".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.15 Emerging Industry Development and Adaptation RegulationCIDEG Research Communication No.15 was published in May 2020, and the theme of this issue is "Emerging Industry Development and Adaptation to Regulation".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.14 Research on Ecological Development and Environmental GovernanceThe 14th CIDEG Research Communication was released in June 2019, and the theme is "Research Topics on Eco-Development and Environmental Governance".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.13 Industrial Policy ResearchThis issue of the Research Newsletter summarizes CIDEG''''s recent research results, academic lectures and related media reports in the field of industrial policy as follows for the reference of experts and scholars.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.12 Environmental Governance ResearchCIDEG Research Communication No.12 was released in November 2017, and the theme of this issue is "Environmental Governance Research".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.11 Rule of law and accountability季卫东This issue of the newsletter focuses on "Rule of Law and Accountability Research", summarizing the research results of Tsinghua CIDEG''''s major project "Rule of Law and Accountability", which is headed by Prof. Ji Weidong, Dean of the School of Law at Shanghai Jiaotong University and an academic member of CIDEG, as well as summaries of media reports on the Rule of Law and Accountability by CIDEG Academic Committee Chairman Wu Jinglian, Academic Committee members Zhou Hanhua, Ji Weidong and others.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.10 Reform of state-owned enterprises陈清泰,张永伟Chen Qingtai, former Secretary of the Party Group of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), Deputy Director, researcher, first Dean of the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University, and Chairman of CIDEG; Wu Jinglian, researcher of DRC, co-chairman of the Academic Committee of CIDEG, and director of CIDEG, and renowned economist; and Zhang Yongwei, researcher of DRC, are responsible for the major topic of "Top-level Design and Mode Choice of State-Owned Enterprises Reform". The topic "Top-level Design and Mode Selection of State-owned Enterprises Reform" discusses the key issues in the reform of state-owned enterprises and deepening the reform of the state-owned capital management system, innovatively proposes the reform mode of changing from "managing enterprises" to "managing capital", and derives the concepts of enriching social security funds with state-owned enterprises'''' capital, developing mixed ownership systems, and developing a social security fund. It has also derived initiatives such as enriching social security funds with capital from state-owned enterprises and developing mixed ownership economy, and put forward some suggestions on the draft Guidance Opinions on State-owned Enterprises Reform. During the period when the project was carried out, the stage-by-stage results of the project were reported to the relevant departments of the central government for many times, and were approved and recognized by the central leaders, which played an important role in providing intellectual support for the reform of state-owned enterprises in China. This issue of the newsletter contains excerpts of the research content of the project, and in conjunction with the discussion of the recent CIDEG forum on "Japan''''s PPP Projects and Experience in Handling Zombie Enterprises" and related working papers, we put forward a number of views on the research of state-owned enterprise reform for the readers'''' reference.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.9 Urbanization in the "New Normal李强:中国“就近城镇化”和“就地城镇化”模式研究The major research project on "urbanization in proximity" and "urbanization in place" modes, chaired by Dean Li Qiang of the Academy of Social Sciences at Tsinghua University, takes the urbanization modes of a number of counties and cities as an example, and based on a large amount of literature and case studies, comprehensively considers the promotion of urbanization, including Based on a large number of literature and case studies, it comprehensively considers the main body, core elements and spatial levels of urbanization. The study takes into account China''s geographic, economic and humanistic divisions, proposes a comprehensive theoretical analysis framework through questionnaires, interviews and other social survey methods, and validates and improves it through empirical research, so as to propose countermeasures to guide the urbanization of nearby and local areas. The study concludes that the core issue in promoting nearby and local urbanization lies in the construction of a whole set of theories, policies and systems, such as management systems, support policies and operation modes. Based on the perspective of urban-rural integration, the study proposes that "nearby urbanization" and "local urbanization" are important breakthroughs in solving China''s current urbanization dilemma.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.8 Research on Reform Ideas for China''''s Public Governance System薛澜 张帆:中国公共治理体系改革思路研究The major project "Research on Reform Ideas of China''''s Public Governance System", chaired by Prof. Xue Lan, Dean of School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University and Director of Tsinghua CIDEG, focuses on the three core elements of the national governance system. The project proposes a basic analytical framework of the national governance system and the problems of China''''s national governance system through theoretical research on the relevant dimensions, and provides a number of ideas for the reform of China''''s national governance system, which will provide theoretical support for the formulation of the 13th Five-Year Plan policies.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.7 China Automotive Energy Strategy Research 冯飞:中国车用能源战略研究In May 2014, Mr. Chen Qingtai, former Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance of Tsinghua University, announced the establishment of the "Electric Vehicle Committee of 100" at Tsinghua. Mr. Feng Fei, Director of the Department of Industrial Policy of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), undertook the major project of Tsinghua CIDEG - "China Vehicle Energy Study", which has already made a milestone achievement.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.6 Global Governance Research ThemeWith the deepening process of globalization, the global problems faced by mankind, such as economic, political and ecological problems, have become more and more prominent, and global governance has become a necessity. Today, when the national sovereignty of countries has in fact been weakened to varying degrees, global governance requires the joint efforts of the international community, and CIDEG has been focusing on the study of global governance, inviting experts and scholars in the field to organize a series of seminars on the concept of global governance, disciplinary participation, and the governance mechanism and practice, among other issues.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.5 Research on China''s S&T policy and financial S&T allocation systemChina has been carrying out reform of its science and technology system since 1985, and has made certain achievements, but has also encountered many problems that need to be studied urgently. Taking into account China''''''''''''''''s goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects and its choice of developing a new type of industrialization, and with reference to the experience of international advanced science and technology systems and policies, Prof. Xue Lan has led his research team to do a lot of work on building China''''''''''''''''s national innovation system and improving its competitiveness in science and technology, and has achieved fruitful results. In this issue of the newsletter, we have summarized some of the views and policy recommendations of Professor Xue Lan and his research team on the financial system of science and technology for the reference of experts and scholars.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.4 China Think Tank Research TopicsThe rapid development of China''s think tanks and the state''s emphasis on "strengthening the construction of new think tanks with Chinese characteristics" have put forward new propositions for China''s think tank research. Here, we have compiled some papers and media reports by scholars from the School of Public Administration and the Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance at Tsinghua University for the reference of experts and scholars.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.3 Great East Japan Earthquake Theme薛澜、彭宗超、沈华:日本特大地震应急管理体系研究On March 11, 2011, an earthquake measuring 9.0 on the Richter scale struck the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, triggering a strong tsunami and a serious nuclear leakage accident. The Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance (CIDEG) at Tsinghua University has been conducting research on earthquake-related issues since 2011 and has achieved some results. We summarize the earthquake-related research and communication conducted by CIDEG as follows for the reference of experts and scholars.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.2 The Third Plenary Session and the reform processThe second phase of CIDEG Research Communication was published in January 2014, and the theme of this issue is "The Third Plenary Session and the reform process".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.1 Urbanization Theme"The first of the CIDEG Research Communication was published in March 2013, and the theme of this issue is "Urbanization".

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