Latest Reports
  • An Analysis on the Theories and Policies about Professional Sports The main content of this report includes an economic analysis on professional sports, development and characteristics of professional sports in China and the rest of the world, policies proposal to promote professional sports, and research on a few special topics.

  • The Effects of Urbanization on China's Rural Communities and Farmers' Livelihood This is an emergency project of CIDEG. The research discusses the situation and policy of urbanization in China, the influence of urbanization on public services and farmers' lives and livelihoods in rural areas, and the scale of China's farmland in the future.

  • Chinese and American Environmental Governance Compared: System, Capacity, and Performance This project is a key project of CIDEG. The research compares environmental governance between US and China, including the legal system, environmental governance organization, relationship between central government and local government, environmental regulatory capacity and environmental regulation.

  • Rule of Law This project is a key project of CIDEG. The research contents include the review of anti-corruption fact since the 18th NCCPC, the judicial review system, the risk of decision-making. The design and judicialization of the French Constitutional Council are also discussed. Besides, quantitative evaluation of the constitutional consciousness of leading cadres and governance mode of commercial corruption are included.

  • Roundtable dialogue on Community Environment: Concept and Practice This project is an emergency project of CIDEG. Its contents include the mechanism design, practice, typical case analysis and effect of round table dialogue.

  • Review Carbon Emission of China in International Supply Chain This project is a major project of CIDEG, focusing on the relationship between international supply chain and carbon leakage. It provides a scientific theoretical framework to review carbon emissions in international supply chain through the of interdisciplinary research. This project also applies this framework on the study of carbon emissions of China in the international supply chain.

  • Research on the Transformation of Industrial Policy in China This project is an emergency project of CIDEG. This research bases on industrial policy concept in a narrow sense, combining with several policies that have an important impact on some sectors. There are three main contents. First, it reviews the evolution history of industrial policy from the theoretical and practical aspects, and builds a policy analysis framework based on “competition - innovation” from the aspects of policymakers, policy tools and policy objectives. Second, it discusses the current situation and problems of industrial policy in China, based on case studies and international experience. Third, it puts forward relevant suggestions to the transformation of industrial policy from the perspective of supporting innovation and competition policy. With more refined transformation regularities of industrial policy in a higher level, this project support the industrial policy of “13th Five-Year Plan”, ultimately help accelerate he transformation of industrial policy in China.

  • Research on the Model of Nearby and Local Urbanization The project is a major project of CIDEG, the research content of which is the Chinese nearby and local urbanization model. The main problem of promoting nearby and local urbanization is to construct a set of theories, policies and institutional systems of management system, the support policy, the operation mode and so on. It is necessary to propose a comprehensive theoretical analysis framework and to verify and perfect it through the empirical research, so as to provide countermeasures and suggestions for guiding the nearby and local urbanization.

  • Research on the Transformation of China 's Industrial Policy The project is a emergency project of CIDEG, the research content of which is the transformation of China's industrial policy. The specific contents include: 1. The theoretical basis of industrial policy. 2. China's industrial policy in the form and distribution. 3. Evaluation on the effect of China's industrial policy. 4. Case study. Suggestions on China 's Industrial Policy Transformation.

  • Study on the Formulation and Implementation of Environmental Policy in China This project is an emergency project of CIDEG. This project has carried on the research on the formulation and execution of environmental policy in China, taking the control of air pollution as an example. With the frequent large-scale haze days, air pollution has become an important problem in society. With the development of human society and the population expansion, the promotion of industrialization has become more and more prominent, which also raises the concern of top decision-makers and the whole society.

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