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  • Innovation of industrial organization and regulation on emerging industry In recent years, the development of emerging industries is in full bloom, which not only stimulates massive social demands, solves the stubborn diseases of traditional industries, but also brings many new social problems, arousing high attention from all parties on relevant industrial policies and regulatory policies. However, the corresponding regulatory model has been slow to emerge, and various problems caused by the development of emerging industries have frequently aroused social attention and discussion.

  • New Though and Method of Ecological Capital Accounting This study first reviews the existing classification system of ecosystem services and the shortage of analysis of the existing accounting ecosystem service value of two kinds of methods, namely the quantitative method and the quantitative method is the core of the differences and the possible integration point, build the quantitative calculation method based on energy analysis method and the fusion of non monetary ecosystem service function of the new accounting framework.

  • The Ecological and Environmental Governance of Regional Development Taking Beijing and its northern zhangjiakou-chengde ecological protection function area as an example, this project investigated and analyzed the environmental changes of atmosphere, water and ecosystem in the research area in recent years.

  • Industrial Policy's Transformation of Competitive Policy The study from the concept of industrial policy, industry policy support for the theory of reverse analysis, a method for both the industrial policy and practical results fusion and the future development trend of industry policy debate four aspects.

  • Round Table Dialogue on Community Environment: Theory and Practice This project is the CIDEG emergency project, and the research content is the design of roundtable dialogue mechanism, the practice of roundtable dialogue, the analysis of typical cases of roundtable dialogue and the questionnaire survey of effect evaluation.

  • Legality and Accountability This project is a major project of CIDEG, and the research content is a summary of anti-corruption facts since the 18th CPC national congress, judicial review system, decision-making risk, accountability and legal communication, design and judicature of the French constitutional council, quantitative evaluation of the constitutional consciousness of leading cadres, and structural governance and model of commercial anti-corruption.

  • Comparative study on environmental and governance capacity between China and the United States This project is a major project of CIDEG, and the research contents include the comparison of environmental governance legal system between China and the United States.

  • The Effects of Urbanization on China's Rural Communities and Farmers' Livelihood This is an emergency project of CIDEG. The research discusses the situation and policy of urbanization in China, the influence of urbanization on public services and farmers' lives and livelihoods in rural areas, and the scale of China's farmland in the future.

  • Chinese and American Environmental Governance Compared: System, Capacity, and Performance This project is a key project of CIDEG. The research compares environmental governance between US and China, including the legal system, environmental governance organization, relationship between central government and local government, environmental regulatory capacity and environmental regulation.

  • Rule of Law This project is a key project of CIDEG. The research contents include the review of anti-corruption fact since the 18th NCCPC, the judicial review system, the risk of decision-making. The design and judicialization of the French Constitutional Council are also discussed. Besides, quantitative evaluation of the constitutional consciousness of leading cadres and governance mode of commercial corruption are included.

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