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  • Asia-Pacific Industrial Sustainability Index 2022 (APISI 2022) The world in 2022 is at a historic turning point. The impact of COVID-19 on the global economy has not yet receded, extreme weather phenomena such as heat and drought are frequent, and global supply chains and innovation cooperation networks are mired in deep political, economic, energy, and technological uncertainties. Industrial sustainability has become a common concern for the survival and development of different countries and regions. In this regard, the Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance (CIDEG) of Tsinghua University and APEC China Business Council have jointly developed the Asia-Pacific Industrial Sustainability Index (APISI). The report aims to objectively measure the level of industrial sustainability in cities in the Asia-Pacific region, showcase best practices in industrial development in selected cities, and provide benchmarks and decision-making references for public policy, investment, and entrepreneurship practices.


  • Global Innovation Hubs Index 2023 Chinese Report (GIHI2023) In 2023, the power of global innovation in science and technology continues to reshape the world, with large language modeling (LLM) and generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) triggering disruptive changes in a wide range of sectors, including education, technology, and industry. Throughout the world''s economic development trend, global economic development in 2023 will face tremendous pressure under the impact of non-economic factors such as geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters, and the demand for innovation in economic development has become even more urgent. The Global Innovation Hubs Index (hereinafter referred to as GIHI), has been tracking the latest trends in global innovation development year by year since 2020. GIHI2023 continues to adhere to the basic principles of "science, objectivity, independence and impartiality", and comprehensively assesses the development of international scientific innovation cities from three dimensions: science center, innovation highland, and innovation ecology, to provide a reference basis for policymakers, entrepreneurs and practitioners. The English version of " Global Innovation Hubs Index 2023" has been officially launched on the Nature website, welcome to download the full English report through the link below:

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CIDEG Research Communication

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.19 Reduce pollution and carbon emissions CIDEG Research Communication No.19 was published in December 2023, and the theme of this issue is "Reducing Pollution and Carbon".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.18 Digital economy and innovation CIDEG Research Communication No.18 was published in November 2023, with the theme of "Digital Economy and Innovation".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.17 Industrial Development and Industrial Policy CIDEG Research Communication No.17 was published in October 2023, and the theme of this issue is "Industrial Development and Industrial Policy".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.16 Carbon neutral CIDEG Research Communication No.16 was published in July 2021, and the theme of this issue is "Carbon Neutrality".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.15 Emerging Industry Development and Adaptation Regulation CIDEG Research Communication No.15 was published in May 2020, and the theme of this issue is "Emerging Industry Development and Adaptation to Regulation".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.14 Research on Ecological Development and Environmental Governance The 14th CIDEG Research Communication was released in June 2019, and the theme is "Research Topics on Eco-Development and Environmental Governance".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.13 Industrial Policy Research This issue of the Research Newsletter summarizes CIDEG''''s recent research results, academic lectures and related media reports in the field of industrial policy as follows for the reference of experts and scholars.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.12 Environmental Governance Research CIDEG Research Communication No.12 was released in November 2017, and the theme of this issue is "Environmental Governance Research".

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.11 Rule of law and accountability This issue of the newsletter focuses on "Rule of Law and Accountability Research", summarizing the research results of Tsinghua CIDEG''''s major project "Rule of Law and Accountability", which is headed by Prof. Ji Weidong, Dean of the School of Law at Shanghai Jiaotong University and an academic member of CIDEG, as well as summaries of media reports on the Rule of Law and Accountability by CIDEG Academic Committee Chairman Wu Jinglian, Academic Committee members Zhou Hanhua, Ji Weidong and others.

  • CIDEG Research Communication No.10 Reform of state-owned enterprises Chen Qingtai, former Secretary of the Party Group of the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC), Deputy Director, researcher, first Dean of the School of Public Administration of Tsinghua University, and Chairman of CIDEG; Wu Jinglian, researcher of DRC, co-chairman of the Academic Committee of CIDEG, and director of CIDEG, and renowned economist; and Zhang Yongwei, researcher of DRC, are responsible for the major topic of "Top-level Design and Mode Choice of State-Owned Enterprises Reform". The topic "Top-level Design and Mode Selection of State-owned Enterprises Reform" discusses the key issues in the reform of state-owned enterprises and deepening the reform of the state-owned capital management system, innovatively proposes the reform mode of changing from "managing enterprises" to "managing capital", and derives the concepts of enriching social security funds with state-owned enterprises'''' capital, developing mixed ownership systems, and developing a social security fund. It has also derived initiatives such as enriching social security funds with capital from state-owned enterprises and developing mixed ownership economy, and put forward some suggestions on the draft Guidance Opinions on State-owned Enterprises Reform. During the period when the project was carried out, the stage-by-stage results of the project were reported to the relevant departments of the central government for many times, and were approved and recognized by the central leaders, which played an important role in providing intellectual support for the reform of state-owned enterprises in China. This issue of the newsletter contains excerpts of the research content of the project, and in conjunction with the discussion of the recent CIDEG forum on "Japan''''s PPP Projects and Experience in Handling Zombie Enterprises" and related working papers, we put forward a number of views on the research of state-owned enterprise reform for the readers'''' reference.

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