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Study on Legislative Strategies for the Protection and Quality Development of the Yellow River Basin Author: Press: Publication time:

Xue Lan, Wang Xiahui and Zhang Jianyu, eds. The book is divided into two chapters on legislative strategies and focal issues. The first chapter proposes general legislative ideas, legislative basis and legislative framework on the basis of identifying the basic features and outstanding problems of the Yellow River Basin and analyzing the gaps in the existing legal system (Xue Lan, Chen Ling, Dong Yu, Yang Yue, Chen Yun); the second chapter focuses on several key issues, including: green development of the Yellow River Basin (Zhu Junming, Wang Qingchun, Fan Chengming, Du Zhen) The next section is organized around a number of key topics, including: Long-term peace and stability in the Yellow River Basin (Zhang Man, Liu Fengxia, Zhou Jianjun); Water resources in the Yellow River Basin (Liu Fengxia, Zhang Man, Zhou Jianjun); Water ecology in the Yellow River Basin (Mou Xuejie, Zhang Xiao, Chai Huixia, Huang Jin, Wang Xiahui); Water environment in the Yellow River Basin (Lu Rui, Wang Bo, Liu Ruiping, Che Lulu); Cultural protection in the Yellow River Basin (Yang Yue, Li Yao, Mao Enhui, Dong Jing); Spatial control in the Yellow River Basin ( Liu Suyang, Xu Kaipeng, Wang Jingjing); management and coordination mechanism in the Yellow River Basin (Du Qun, Ren Wen Herb); ecological and environmental regulation in the Yellow River Basin (Chi Yan Yan, Fu Le, Zhang Liping, Zhang Xin); climate change response in the Yellow River Basin (Tian Dan Yu, Gao Ji, Zhu Zirui, Yang Jun, Qin Hu), etc. For each topic, the authors elaborate the legislative significance, legislative basis, legislative ideas, outstanding problems to be solved, and legislative content, resulting in a complete legislative system and legislative proposals.

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