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  • Global Innovation Hubs Index 2023 Chinese Report (GIHI2023)In 2023, the power of global innovation in science and technology continues to reshape the world, with large language modeling (LLM) and generative artificial intelligence (AIGC) triggering disruptive changes in a wide range of sectors, including education, technology, and industry. Throughout the world''s economic development trend, global economic development in 2023 will face tremendous pressure under the impact of non-economic factors such as geopolitical conflicts and natural disasters, and the demand for innovation in economic development has become even more urgent. The Global Innovation Hubs Index (hereinafter referred to as GIHI), has been tracking the latest trends in global innovation development year by year since 2020. GIHI2023 continues to adhere to the basic principles of "science, objectivity, independence and impartiality", and comprehensively assesses the development of international scientific innovation cities from three dimensions: science center, innovation highland, and innovation ecology, to provide a reference basis for policymakers, entrepreneurs and practitioners. The English version of " Global Innovation Hubs Index 2023" has been officially launched on the Nature website, welcome to download the full English report through the link below:

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