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XU Jianhua: Environmental Behavior and Its Influencing Factors of Three Kinds of ChineseRelease time: 2017-03-17

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    On the afternoon of March 17, 2017, the NO. 142 "CIDEG Academic Salon” was held in room 302, the School of Public Policy and Management(SPPM) at Tsinghua University. Associate Prof. XU Jianhua, Department of Environmental Management at School of Environmental Science and Engineering at Peking University, gave a speech entitled " Environmental Behavior and Its Influencing Factors of Three Kinds of Chinese ". Associate Prof. CHEN Ling at SPPM, Vice Director of CIDEG, presided over the salon. Prof. LIU Qiushi at SPPM, Tsinghua University, Yu Chang, lecturer of the School of Economics at Beijing Forestry University, and a number of scholars, teachers and students attended the Salon.

    Prof. XU Jianhua firstly introduced the background, methods and conclusions of the research “Environmental Behavior and Influencing Factors of Three Kinds of Chinese ". The research adopted the methods of market segmentation and grouped the public into three categories: mitigator, adaptor and activist, aiming to provide insightful support for environmental policy-making process improvement and incentive system design. Then she introduced another related paper which focuses on whether the documentary Under the Dome changed the public’s attitude towards air pollution, as a useful supplement.

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