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Administrative and Academic Office

Surnames in alphabetical order
  • CHEN Ling(Center Director) Professor of SPPM, Tsinghua University

  • ZHAO Jing(Vice Director) Assistant Professor of SPPM, Tsinghua University

  • PAN Shali(Center Manager) Master in Communication, School of Journalism & Communication, Peking University

  • Li Fangfang(Administrative Assistant) Master in Finance, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics

  • HAN Zixuan(Postdoctoral) Doctor of Philosophy in Managemen, Harbin Institute of Technology

  • QIAO Yali(Postdoctoral) Ph.D., Beijing Institute of Technology Major research areas: bibliometrics, data mining, technology innovation management, science and technology policies

  • LI Shaoshuai(Postdoctoral) Doctor of Management, Hebei University of Technology

  • YU Chen(Postdoctoral) The degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Environmental Studies, The university of Tsukuba The research field of resources, environment, economy and public policy.

  • SUN Xiaopeng(Project Manager) Master in Shanxi University

  • WANG Jiahui(Program Assistant) Master of Arts, John Hopkins University

  • CHEN Yun(Program Assistant) Master of Management, Guangzhou University

  • XU Le(Research Assistant) Master of Arts in Global Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen)

  • MIAO Xinzhu(Research Assistant) Master of Environmental Policy, Duke University

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