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CIDEG Academic Salon: Village Irrigation Collective Action, Financial Development and Real EconomyRelease time: 2017-03-08

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Doctoral candidate Gao Rui

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Doctoral candidate Tang Qijing

    On Mar.8, 2017, the NO.141 CIDEG Academic Salon-Young Scholar Salon was held in room 302, the School of Public Policy and Management(SPPM) at Tsinghua University. Gao Rui and Tang Qijing, doctoral candidates at SPPM, Tsinghua University, were keynote speakers. Associate Prof. Chen Ling at SPPM, Vice Director of CIDEG, presided over the salon. Prof. Guo Yong, secretary of the party committee at SPPM, and Associate Prof. Zhou Shaojie were commentators.

    Doctoral candidate Gao Rui gave a speech entitled “Study on the Influence of Labor Outflow on Collective Action of Village Irrigation and Its Mechanism”. At the speech, he proposed a new variable, labour outflow, that affects collective action in an unsteady social structure and explained the impact of this variable on the collective action of irrigation.

Another doctoral candidate Tang Qijing gave a speech entitled“Financial Development Affects the Scale and Efficiency of Real Economy: A Perspective of Social Financing Scale”, which mainly focused on the mechanism of financial development affecting the size and efficiency of the real economy.

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