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CIDEG Academic Salon 147 | Demand of the Green Infrastructure Construction for Sewage Treatment Release time: 2017-10-28


    On Oct. 27, No. 147 CIDEG Young Scholar Salon & Young Scholar Salon was held in Room 302, the School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM) at Tsinghua University. GONG Hui, Post-doctor of School of Environment, Tsinghua University, was invited to deliver a keynote speech on “Demand of the Green Infrastructure Construction for Sewage Treatment under the Ecological Civilization Concept——A Big Data Analysis of the Impact of Sewage Treatment Plant on the Housing Price in China's Typical Megacities.” 

    LIU Xiaoguang, Researcher of the National Academy of Development and Strategy, Renmin University of China, and WANG Haijun, Deputy Director of Center for Collaborative Innovative Ecological Design, Tsinghua University, were commentators. HUANG Haili, Program Manager of CIDEG, moderated the Salon. Teachers and students from Tsinghua University, Beijing Normal University and Beijing Forestry University jointly participated in the Salon.

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