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Tsinghua-Caixin Forum on Public GovernanceRelease time: 2019-12-26

On the afternoon of December 26, 2019, the second Tsinghua-Caixin Serial Forum  on Public Governance, co-hosted by CIDEG and Caixin Media, was held at the School  of Public Policy and Management of Tsinghua University. Recently, progress has  been made in the China-US trade negotiation, and this forum was centered around  the theme “The New Framework and New Challenges of the China-US Trade  Relationship”. Discussions focused on the new framework and new challenges of the  China-US trade relationship and the implications for the global industrial chain.  The Forum was attended by many renowned scholars from the practitioner and  theoretical fields, guests invited for keynote addresses include: Wu Ge, Chief  Economist and Assistant to the President, Changjiang Securities; Cheng Shi,  Chief Economist, Managing Director and Director of the Research Division of ICBC  International; Tu Xinquan, Dean and Professor at the China Institute for WTO Studies  and Director of the Research Center for International Bidding and Government  Procurement at the University of International Business and Economics; Zhang  Jianping, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the MOFCOM Research  Institute, Director of The Center for Regional Economics Studies, Director of the Center  for Western Asia and Africa Affairs; Associate Professor Gao Yuning of the School of  Public Policy and Management (SPPM) of Tsinghua University. Xue Lan, Distinguished  Professor of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Dean of Schwarzman College,  Joint Chairperson of CIDEG Academic Committee of Tsinghua University moderated  the dialogues, which were joined by Tatsuhito Tokuchi, former Managing Director of  CITIC Securities and Executive Director of CIDEG, Associate Prof. Zhu Hengyuan of the  Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Strategy of the School of Economics  and Management of Tsinghua University. Prof. Zhu Xufeng, Assistant Dean of SPPM of  Tsinghua University, Huang Shan, Deputy Editor-In-Chief of Caixin Weekly, Chen Ling,  Associate Professor of SPPM and Director of CIDEG also attended the sessions. Zhao  Jing, Associate Professor of SPPM of Tsinghua University and Assistant Director of  CIDEG moderated the forum.  


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