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High-end Serial Forum of Masahiko Aoki Award for Economic PaperRelease time: 2023-05-10

Based on a holistic examination of the formation and mechanisms of China's existing growth and industrialization and urbanization patterns, Professor Tao Ran will explore the policy evolution and its limitations in each major area of China's urban and rural land management system, and discuss how to gradually reverse the various distortions accumulated in the existing patterns through interlocking reform program designs and policy combinations, and ultimately promote progressive reforms with a benign ring.


These solutions are modest adjustments based on the existing policy framework with the goal of gradually alleviating existing contradictions and reducing existing distortions. Rather than starting over, or making irrelevant fixes, they are designed to gradually reverse the inefficiencies and distributional inequities caused by the existing land system through a series of "incentive-compatible" linkage reforms. The report will address the market entry of collective business construction land, the threshold of land acquisition for "piecemeal development", the mode and standard of compensation for land acquisition by the government, as well as rural land consolidation, identification of rights and the direction of rural land ownership, spatial transfer of various land indicators and cross-district transactions, redevelopment of inefficient urban land stock, renewal of urban villages, urban-fringe villages and old The reform proposals are different from the existing policies and even full of tension.

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