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CIDEG Academic Salon丨No.156 Guan TingRelease time: 2018-09-26


    In the Afternoon of September 20, No.156 Academic Salon was held in Room 302. GUAN Ting, Post-doctor of SPPM, was invited to give a keynote speech on ICTenabled Innovations in Environmental Governance— Case Studies from China. On the basis of discussing the relationship between economic development and environmental pollution, GUAN Ting put forward the research problem of the topic of the lecture. Under the background of the fourth industrial revolution, how ICT-enabled innovations accelerate the transition of China’s environmental governance and how to influence the interaction of governing subject and pattern? Around this issue, the Salon summarized and evaluated the environmental governance practices under the governance framework. The Salon invited LIANG Zheng, Associate Professor of SPPM as the commentator. ZHAO Jing, Assistant Professor of SPPM and Director Assistant of CIDEG moderated the Salon.

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