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Academic Salon No.178- Hu YueRelease time: 2021-05-27

May 27, the 178th CIDEG Academic Salon was held in the afternoon in  Conference Room 620 at the School of Public Policy and Management,  Tsinghua University. Hu Yue (Assistant Professor, Department of Political  Studies; Deputy Director, Research Center for Data Governance, Tsinghua  University) was invited as the keynote speaker, and his presentation was  titled “The Psychological Mechanism and Policy Infuence of Population  Mobility Decision Making”. Liu Zhilin (Associate Professor with Tenure  & Director, Institute for Political Affairs and Public Policies) Dong Lixia  (Associate Research Fellow, Institute of Economics, Chinese Academy of  Social Sciences), Assistant Professor Zhang Penglong (School of Public  Policy and Management, Tsinghua University) were invited as guest  speakers for discussion. Associate Professor and CIDEG Assistant Director  Zhao Jing moderated the Salon session.invited as guest speakers for  discussion.

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