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CIDEG is mainly engaged in industrial development, environmental governance and institutional change in the field of policy research and academic exchange. In view of the current policy needs and the reality of the problem, through independent research activities of the topics, the project and the fund.

CDIEG set up two kinds of research projects: according to the current major policy needs or theoretical proposition, approved by the annual joint meeting, the establishment of major issues 1-2. To focus on policy issues and special topics of application research, through the center director approval, the establishment of emergency issues. So far the establishment of various research topics over more than 40.

Industrial Development

The year Project name Person in charge Completion
2013 CHEN Ling/ ZHANG Yongwei Completing
2013 ZHANG Wei / WHITE Steven Completed
2012 WANG Gangbo / XUE Lan / CHEN Ling Completed
2012 JIANG Xiaojuan Completed
2012 SHEN Hua / SHI Weiyi Completed
2012 CHEN Ling / SHEN Qunhong Completing
2012 JIANG Xiaojuan Completed


Environmental management

The year Project name Person in charge Completion
2013 MENG Bo / XUE Jinjun WANG Zhi/GAO Yuning Completed
2013 WANG Ming Completed
2013 WANG Haiqin Completed
2011 WANG Ming / XIAO Meng Completed
2011 CHI Shufang Completed
2009 RONG Fang Completed
2008 QI Ye Completed


Institutional change

The year Project name Person in charge Completion
2014 CHEN Qingtai / WU Jinglian Completed
2013 LI Qiang Completed
2013 TOKUCHI Tatsuhito / TOSHIYA Tsugami Completed
2012 XUE Lan Completed
2011 SHEN Hua Completed
2011 Ru Peng / XUE Lan Completed
2010 ZHANG Yanbing Completed


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