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CIDEG Academic Salon No.184 : Hobbesian Wars and Institutional Safeguards发布时间: 2023-05-08

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The Tsinghua University School of Public Policy and Management (SPPM), CAIJING magazine, Center for Industrial Development and Environmental Governance(CIDEG) and Innovation and Public Governance Collaborative Innovation Center of Tsinghua University, held the Tsinghua- CAIJING Modern Government and Public Governance BBS Series together. The forum is scheduled to be held every two months, inviting experts on specific topics to provide insights for studying in problems and theoretical reference for relevant decisions. At that time, domestic and foreign public management scientists, central and local public managers, researchers in related fields will gather to discuss the status quo, the trend of reform and future picture of modern public governance in China. It is of great significance to study and discuss a series of theoretical and practical problems involved in modern government and public governance, which will contribute to guiding China's future reform and promoting its development process. The Modern Government and Public Governance BBS Series will talk about some of the major and pressing issues on the current comprehensive reform after the start of the national governance, from a pragmatic point of view; and will also depict the value-form of national development and social progress, from a perspective principle.


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